Monday, 16 April 2012

Sketch-a-day 05


  1. your characters r reli good... hav u got a job already?

    1. Thanks..!! I don't have a 'Job' exactly.. I'm doing freelancing.. It pays better and gives more experience.. But unfortunately I haven't landed a character designing project yet..!! All my projects till now have been either 3D or Illustration related..!!

    2. oh thats sad but...isnt it annoying that your not getting a job in 2 and instead doing 3d...dan had come to college the other day and was telling us about her situation...

    3. It's not exactly annoying.. I see it this way, there are two types of projects, one gives you money and the other gives you satisfaction of doing something you love.. 3D is just my way of earning money.. and it gives me time to improve my 2D skills. Which will ensure that I'll get a good job in the 2D industry.. (Hope so..!! :P)